Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revamped and ready for action!

So if you recall my post from Sept 22, I mentioned some goals I wanted to accomplish and I'm checking in to say I'm doing pretty darn good! To start with, this is actually looking like a REAL blog now! Im averaging a post every two days the past three months which is amazing! Im seeing it get more hits, and a few followers. I have changed it around a few times, (please comment if you noticed) and I think that now it looks "clean" compared to before. Thats a little compromise against myself because i want to "spam" it with all kinds of junk but I also want readers even more so...I deleted a bunch and even ditched my logo.

I got my business cards made :

I re-bought my domain (after letting it expire), and I even bought the domain for my blog and a new domain for another business I want to try. Ooh...busy little chica ain't I ? Lets see.... I have been listing, tumbling, tweeting, and facebook spamming. Learning all about this online marketing stuff like SEO and Im feeling really accomplished lately.

I also purchased a new display rack today for only $10! At first I wasn't sure really, how well it would work, though I knew it would somehow. Once I got it home and set it up I was super excited and even came up with the idea to get some pieces of plywood cut the diameter of the circles (it comes apart) and with a hole cut in the center I could slip them onto the top of each "shelf" to give myself extra display space! WAIT!!! OMG, even better I could probably get clear ones made at tap plastics! OMG Im a genius and yes that idea came out of my brain literally as I wrote this. LOL

So I hope you feel proud of me. I know I do! Im getting there little by little. And hey for a one woman show, I think I'm super!

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jubilantwares said...

Christine love your business cards!!!!