Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fresh New Fat Quarter Clutches

I purchased some lovely fat quarters 6 months back and amazingly I am actually using them! I have fabric thats been sitting for years so 6 months is a big improvement! I got the stack of $25 for $25 at of all places Tuesday Morning They are actually designer fabrics, I had no idea they carried that stuff but then again I only went there once about 6 years ago. (are you getting how much I procrastinate)

So I came up with a few fresh new designs (and it wasn't easy). Sometimes I think I'm just making a pouch and that's so easy, but I want it to be new and innovative looking. And then it takes me hours just to create one little pouch that should only take an hour! You know its hard to stand out in a crowd on etsy because there's 71 thousand search results for pouch alone. So here they are and I haven't put them in the shop yet, but tomorrow I promise they'll be there. I really would love your comments!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grandmas closet is now "granny chic"

Yes even I can remember when I was a teenager thinking that my dear grandma had no style. And today I wish I could have each and every piece that was in her closet. Vintage is the new modern, and more savvy shoppers are turning to the thrift and vintage stores. For me its always been more about price than label and today it still is. Heck I could win the lottery tomorrow and I'd still shop at the thrift store! I'm just an advocate for mass consumerism and I don't even see a need to buy anything new when there's so much clothing already on this planet.

I know not everyone is or can be as crafty as me, but you can still get some amazing vintage meets modern looks right off the rack at your local thrift or vintage store. recently I have been doing a lot of styling (on my lovely dress form!) for my vintage shop So I thought I'd post a few looks here and give a few tips on getting the most from your vintage finds.

In this first look is preppy chic. I paired a 70s floral top with a cute lime green pleated tennis skirt. The colors are right on for this spring, and you could add a peach colored belt and wear it with cute flats or some wedge booties

This second look, is straight out of the 80s with the oversized bozy purple top and bold multicolored geometric print circle skirt. Paired with a black belt, and a clean classic pointed pump, you have a great look for the office. Keep a pair of tight in the right places straight leg jeans on hand for a quick change after work and you can easily hit the town at night in this one.

That skirt would even be more amazing if i chopped it straight in half and made it knee length now that I look at it! Hmmm....just might do that. I could get a whole second skirt from whats left. Or some high waisted shorts. You can see from those two looks that I love color and I love prints. Im not afraid of prints that look "dated". I think as long as you have a lot of solid colors in your closet to cover both halfs of your body, then you can always mix things up a lot. I also have tons of belts. I havent even worn them all! But belts are the cheapest accessory you can find at a thrift usualy about $1-$5. Changing just that one piece makes all the difference sometimes.

Another super great tip is those elastic belts from the 80s. Those are really easy to shorten or lengthen if you find a really long one. No sewing required, just use a big safety pin and pin on the inside. This way you can wear the belt, low or high waisted and change the look up even further!