Monday, May 10, 2010

Yard sales are the new thrift store..

So of course I love going to yard sales as much as I love thrift stores, but for some reason I havnt done much yard sale-ing in the past few years. I guess I just got into a routine with my different "regular" thrift stores and flea markets. But then I moved...and my new town doesnt have such great thrift stores. I mean there are some here, I just havn't had any luck at them. That is not like in comparison to the thrifts where I used to live. Of course I used to live in a big city. :( Well small(er) town life isnt all so bad.

Since I work from home and have nothing but time on my hands I had noticed after finding my way around town that there are and oddly high (very high) number of yard sales out here. Now this could be coincidental because spring is here, but a yard sale almost everyday of the week?(and the flea markets are good too. They run thurs-tue) No i am NOT kidding. Now it could be because of the economy..again coincidence? But even more strange is the fact that its not just one or two people having a mid week sale, its like a lot of people! Crazy right?

Well let me tell you its yard sale heaven for me and as if all that wern't crazy enough...I havnt even told you about the things I have found! (Or the prices I paid!) I mean its like I am in the twilight zone..{creepy music plays} Ok so your dying to know about the awesome deals right? ok ok... Lets start with that Louis Vuitton Purse. I wasnt even sure it was real and i wasnt sure the seller would know either but I went up to pay without saying a word. Just piled my stuf at the table and said how much? Well I also got two Lesportsacs and some vtg clothes, all for $12

Well that was one of my top five best thrift finds ever. Racking in on my ebay sales at $162 just for the Louis alone! Oh yeah it turned out to be totally authentic.

Even on mothers day someone was having a sale that i stopped at on my way to the store. She had an air purifier and since my allergies are literally killing me this year I asked how much. $2 WHAT? $2? I think I even said that to her. She said I just want to get rid of it. Ok I said. Well that purifier sells for $150 new. Wow I must be dreaming. No I dont think I am...someone pinch me please? I have gotten abercrombie jeans for .25 cents and rare vtg toys for .50 cents And Im not the only one with luck. My husband also finds amazing deals. Like a ultra rare Nintendo robot for $10 that he sold for $80. I just scratch my head. I cant figure out how people dont know what the stuff is worth? Well we all cant be so savvy eh? :)

Anyway thier trash is my treasure so lets just keep this a secret huh?