Saturday, July 31, 2010

My thoughts on "DIY"

So I started a new shop over at bonanzle. So I am doing a search to try and find similar handmade items as mine and I'm not really finding anything. I mean theres some handmade stuf mixed in with 5000 someod other mislabeled items. Oh then it dawns on me- try searching "DIY" Oh here we go, now I have 386 specifically "handmade" items. Oh if only I had mind control like that guy in dinner for schmucks. And please feel free to sound off on this because I am VERY opinionated on the topic. It just urks me because I feel that DIY gives the impression that you are just some half ass crafter whos selling a t-shirt that was just cut apart and tied into knots. Not that theres anything wrong with that and hey maybe that does go into the DIY category. But I really, and I mean REALLY HATE, just absolutely HATE to label my stuff as "DIY". But its gonna be unfortunately necessary for my items to come up in search results.

And along the same topic comes the issue of pricing. I mean are people just hard up for money or are they not smart enough to figure out that time=money? I mean what do they teach in school these days anyhow? Well they should teach business because these people listing "DIY" are selling their stuff for less than the cost of supplies alone! It just makes it harder for sellers who have put lots of time and effort into their items to try and get a fair price. Its like trying to sell a Gucci bag at a flea market. People are going to get the impression they can buy it for $1. And they will literally laugh in your face or tell u your nuts if you tell them you are asking $500 for it.

Well, its just so hard to make a buck anywhere online now selling your stuff. Even Etsy which was once oh so great is now flooded with importers and distributers who OBVIOUSLY are not selling "handmade" items. Oh sure they label them as handmade in say Thailand. And I bet they are handmade by poor slave laborers who get paid nothing. And that urks me as well that Etsy allows those sellers on the site. I dont even feel that vintage items should be allowed. I mean its supposed to be a handcrafted marketplace. There are more sellers than buyers too thats for sure. And with over 10000 items labeled as purse or handbag you may never ever find one of my items buried in that stack.

Ok rant rant rant. Sorry feels necessary for me right now. I'll get off my soap box though :)