Monday, July 30, 2007

Hard work pays off!!

While I am out at dinner!! Isn't life and the internet just great!! I went to dinner tonight and came home and checked my email. To my suprise I had a paypal payment. But I havn't sold anything on ebay lately I thought....then I see it is a sale from my ETSY store! My very first sale! An Item I made with blood sweat and tears from my own two hands (ok was that dramatic enough?? I was thinking like old OK) So needless to say I am really excited. That whole $16 gives meaning to the fact that I can accomplish this goal of having my own business. (if only $16 at a time) So anyway all that said and out of the way....

Here are the latest two in the series of daily projects I have been doing. The first is a tot made from some cute vintage fabric I got at a local estate sale. The second is made from new fabric, I know normally not me but I couldn't resist. The third is a really nice pouch also from vintage fabric.. I am proud of this one because I took more time and added a lot of the details that make something look more professional. I top stitched the flap in contrasting yellow and added the button for the finishing touch.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More pouchy pouches

Well I haven't posted for two days, I have been sitting at the sewing machine for about that long. I am determined to get a serious sweatshop going. So Wed I took half a day to go to the beach which was overcast and sort of a bummer, but I got some great photos so its all good. I managed to crank out a few pouches when I got home even though they were all for my kids, I think they still count! I made this cool skull one from some leftovers for my rocker daughter

I also made some hello kitty ones for my other daughter, and of course she needed one for her best friend! So that was thursday. I also finished up on almost complete projects and started a new tote from scratch. It has been a royal pain and I spent a good 6 hours already on it. I did that till late thursday and part of today (uh that is fri, because its 2 am on sat as I write this) Then I made this cool pencil case today (Fri)

I listed this on my etsy already, so you should go get it! Thats all for now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Okay I vow to make an item a day for 30 days(and hopefully more...)

So I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. I got myself involved in waaay too many swaps, but you know a girl has to have fun. So last night i was on craftster and this girl posted how she challenged herself to get ready for a fair by making an item a day for 30 days. I thought that was a great idea! It would give me a sense of accomplishment and sort of put me on a schedule. Because between etsy and ebay and shopping for materials (which I do more of than actually selling I must admit) I feel really swamped. And I still have loads of unfinished realy important stuff to do! WHEW! okay I got that out of the way. Now you know what up up to (literally) LOL! So here is a good start...yesterday I actually made two items, one is done one is waiting a button. That is the first at top left. The second I made today for my mother in law, so does that count? I actually made a pouch for my 10 yr old too...she helped and I am 95 % done with a third pouch. All in about 4 hours. so does that mean I get tomorrow off...????Hmmm NOOOOO

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Paper, scissors,glue

Ok so I havn't managed to get myself back in front of the sewing machine in about two weeks, but its all good cause nothing is selling right now :( and I've got plenty of stuff. Of course it doesnt mean I can just goof around, but hey a girl should be able to have some fun right? So I have been playing with my papers and creating cards again and its so much fun! I know it seems crazy to normal people to have a fetish for paper but I do. Theres actually lots of people with my affliction, just head over to flickr and you'll see. So I whipped up these lovely cards and tags last night and will be posting them to my Etsy store today.

I have been posting new items every day so keep checking for new stuff!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Can't stop shopping!

Okay I need to quit before the bank account runs dry. But you know 4 th of July Sales and all....So I hit Jo-anns and here I am supposed to be against consumerism. Theres all this cute scrapbook stuff for only $1 Ok Call me a sell out or a hypocrite go ahead! I couldn't resist. Some of the cuteness I picked up:
( thats just a sample!) I bought more than that. But I was amazed at the value for the $1. Isnt it amazing what we think is a value for $1?? But really have you bought scrapbook supplies?? They aren't $1. A sheet of stickers is sometimes almost $4, I remember when stickers were so much fun to go buy and you could get them off the roll for .10 cents and up. Those days are gone.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So busy and I keep putting more on my plate!

I think I should just take a day and breathe. Seems like I can never get enough to do. Recently I finally unpacked all of my stamping and scrapbooking stuff after it sat in boxes off and on almost 4 years. I just move way to much. And the funny thing about it is, that is always the last things I unpack when I move and it seems like as soon as I do, I move again! Lets hope that doesn't happen this time! So I started making some cards and messing around and then looking for ideas on flickr and before you know it I am signed up on swap-bot and I'm participating in all these swaps. I start to feel really good again and remember how much fun they were.
Then I join a swap on craftster, and then I find out about this website postcrossing, whew! It doesnt stop there, I also found a site called 1001 Journals. So now I am signed up at all these sites and my mailbox will be flooded with stuff from around the globe! Brings me back to when I was 9 and had a pen pal. I love it!

So all this swapping, meant I had to go shopping. I hit the thrift and found some cool old books and buttons to make things with and bought some postcards for sending. So I'll be even busier now and Im afraid I wont get back into the sewing studio cause I'm getting hooked on making ATC cards and matchboxes. Like everything else I do it has cycles and in a week or so I should be pretty burnt out so I'll be back at the serger soon I'm sure! until now enjoy my First ATC card, and a look at the cool stuff I found thrifting!