Monday, July 30, 2007

Hard work pays off!!

While I am out at dinner!! Isn't life and the internet just great!! I went to dinner tonight and came home and checked my email. To my suprise I had a paypal payment. But I havn't sold anything on ebay lately I thought....then I see it is a sale from my ETSY store! My very first sale! An Item I made with blood sweat and tears from my own two hands (ok was that dramatic enough?? I was thinking like old OK) So needless to say I am really excited. That whole $16 gives meaning to the fact that I can accomplish this goal of having my own business. (if only $16 at a time) So anyway all that said and out of the way....

Here are the latest two in the series of daily projects I have been doing. The first is a tot made from some cute vintage fabric I got at a local estate sale. The second is made from new fabric, I know normally not me but I couldn't resist. The third is a really nice pouch also from vintage fabric.. I am proud of this one because I took more time and added a lot of the details that make something look more professional. I top stitched the flap in contrasting yellow and added the button for the finishing touch.

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