Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to trick or treat!

Well October is only a few days away, and means its time to gear up for Halloween! I was at Jo-Ann's and found a few halloween fabric fat quarters so then I got this random idea to make trick or treat bags. I usually dont like to make anything seasonal but what the heck! So I've gotten 7 bags done in 2 days (not bad!). They came out cute! I kept them super simple because I want something affordable and quick to make. I took a break from my wallets to make the bags, so I really want to get them done because I promised a tute for my wallets, and Im trying to keep to my word. Ahaha. I also have a few more ideas up my sleeve for halloween items I want to make. So look for these in the shop later today. Off to finish other random things now...

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Design! Its so Retro Rad!

Wow! Day three and here I am posting again. So dont expect a post tomorrow ok? hahaha. I finished this new bag design today, and man did it take me a good chunk of time! But I am so super excited about the end result! So I decided to enlarge the design so it would be big enough for my laptop which, BTW desperately needs a new bag. I started on that after dinner, and then I had to struggle again with the pattern once I though I had just gotten it all down! It was tricky because of the pleats, they have to be just the right size and in a certain spot on the curve in order for the piece to turn out square once its sewn together with the bottom part. I think the top flap is a little long, so I plan to shorten it a bit.

I just love love how the fabrics look together! Its a vintage rainbow brite sheet along with some brand new quilted fabric I found for $2 at the thrift! I got about two yards of it. Plenty to make more bags with. I think I'll do 2 more of the RB. And then I plan to do a couple each in some of my other vintage sheet prints. Holly Hobbie will be really cute! If I weren't so tired I'd go get started right now!

Oh and I got another thing for my to do list: sewing room organization!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sneak Peak

Just a peek at one of the three items I made my best friend as her birthday gift. I made a set of three items. I love how they came out and if she doesnt start calling me back i might keep them for myself! Shes such a brat!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My new focus....

Things have been crazy mad for me the past few years. I think I had mid life crisis early which is all together possible considering I had my first kid at barely 19. :) So, I have been working on this business for almost 4 years now and its so slow going, not because of the economy (although its not helping me) but because I just haven't focused as much effort into it as I really could be. So I have resolved that I will from here on out put every ounce of energy I have each day into making this a viable and profitable (and not just for fun anymore) business. I turn 40 next year, and I would like to have a big reason to celebrate because I mean who really wants to celebrate becoming that old? :)

So on my to do list are:
Blog at least 4 times a week. (daily would be great but probably not realistic for me, I know... I've tried!)
Creating a "line" of garments and handbags. I'm already hard at work on my first design. I have a few others that I will continue to use as well. I usually create more one of a kind pieces, but Im just not selling much at shows so I want to see what happens if I have more than one of the same item in a variety of fabrics and colors. Most of the other crafters at shows all do this and thier booths do look really nice. That could be a reason for low sales, or I could try arranging my booth different. Either way I've only done a handful of shows so I'm still learning.

Anyhow that's next on the list. Booth display and arrangement as well as at least one show a month. I already have the next two months shows lined up so Im stoked about that. I've included a pic of my booth from Sundays Indie-Mart.

The last things are the most expensive and things Ive wanted to get forever, and those are a professional logo, labels and hang tags. As well as get my website back live. Im sure theres more, but thats what comes off the top of my head.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Indie Mart This Sunday

I'll be be back at the indie-mart this sunday! Its been a while, but I'm super excited to vend there again being as its a whole new venue and it seems to have grown tremendously. I made this new bag yesterday and I'm working on some other new stuff to bring as well. Should be a great day, getting in the last bit of nice NorCal weather before it gets cold and foggy here. So if your in or around S.F. stop by and see me, I'll be in front of Werehouse not too far from 16th st corner. Be sure to get more info over at indie-mart

Hope to c u there!