Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gigwalking fills the void

In an economy where start ups are hard to get off the ground, and employment is harder to come by, one company has managed to come up with a brilliant idea. Pay people to use their iPhone to do odd jobs, and pay them a small paycheck. The jobs range from taking panorama photos inside of a local business and loading it to bing maps as well as other things like secret shopper or map verification tasks. I can imagine a whole list of things something like this can be useful for. If only it were my idea!! So you get your iphone, you download the gigwalk app and you sign up. Once your approved (I was approved rather quickly) and I don't remember but I don't think it takes much more than a paypal acct to get approval. Then you can start to do "gigs". The app is basically an enhanced google map that has red dots with the gigs that you click on and follow instructions to complete it. It only takes 10-15 min for one gig, then depending on how close together they are you can probably finish 4-6 an hour. The pay ranges from 2-10 dollars per gig. I have only just started gigwalking the past week and I have done 68 gigs in three days. If all my gigs are approved I'll pull in a nice chunk of about $260. It takes 7 days for the gigs to be approved and you receive the money in your paypal account.

I have decided to see if it would be worth it to do gigs on a semi full time basis to replace my long time ebay income. The fees from ebay are out of control and customers have no understanding anymore of the system. It just isn't what it used to be. Gigwalk is such a breeze and I have made as much as I usually make in a two week period on ebay in just 3 days, even less the 3% paypal takes I still will make more because ebay wont also be getting 9% of my $260. Gigwalk doesnt charge you anything to apply or to download the app. You can work anytime you want to and any day of the week. The past year I have noticed a serious decline in the amount of sales on ebay, and I began my ebay business because I just got tired of the 9-5 job. I started it as a way to make extra money and I did well so I continued. But the system has changed, and so has the customer base. I'm thankful gigwalk has come along because I dreaded the thought of having to go look for a regular job after three years of self employment. Gigwalk can help anyone make extra money or even replace a regular job if your serious about it. I plan to start some blog series about my gigwalk adventures. In just three days Ive discovered a lot of restaurants, and also some great photo opportunities for my instagram shots!