Monday, July 11, 2011

The beauty of nature

I went back home last week and I got disconnected from "work" for the most part. I had time to relax and breath. It was nice. I cleaned up my container garden, and played with photography some more. Theres this cactus that we picked up free a while back and who knows why because its huge and it needs to be put in the ground. Its been in it
s same pot a year since we got it and we severly neglect it. But yet it continues to astound me with the most absolutely beautiful huge flower display I have ever seen. I started getting into catus last year and I hadno real idea that they flowered until I saw a few at a local cactus nursery. Let me tell you roses hold nothing to a cactus flower. With literally thousands of types of cactus, most which flower, they have the most either amazingly beautiful or absolutely interesting flowers you will ever see in nature.

I have a small collection now but this huge poorly neglected cactus (really Im suprised it isnt dead yet) has the biggest flowers of al of them! It has about 10 or so pods and over the past 4 days I have had to privilege to watch them one by one open up. One each day. I cant get enough photos of these beauties. They open starting late in the evening about 9:30 or 10 when it begins to cool and in the morning about the same time am they start to close up. And then they are gone forever. The cactus is a most amazing entity isnt it? Survives any conditions, has its own protection system, and yet something so barren of life puts on the most amazing flower show. And the show is short lived. Almost all flower at night and each flower opens just once, then shrivels up and falls off. If you sit and watch it you can actually see it slowly opening. I wish I could have had a better camera for some time lapse photography.

Here is the same flower above, edited with hdr simulation. Which do you like better? Of course nothing beats the real deal.