Friday, October 14, 2011

Giveaway - Skelanimals Pink Punk Baby Booties

These booties are so adorable! If you love Skelanimals, as my oldest daughter does then you will love having these for your little one! My oldest is about to have her first daughter and so I made these little booties for my soon to be grandaughter. I have an extra pair up for grabs to my readers!
Pink cotton fabric with a variety of the Skelanimal characters like Jack, Kit and Marcy.

There are cute butterflies in different colors fluttering around them, and they are trimmed in black lace. The best part of these baby booties is the feet have crinkle paper sewn in! Baby will love the sound as she wiggles her feet around. These fit a newborn to 3 months. The contest deadline is November 15th. To get your entry click over to the contest page and follow the instructions!

UPDATE! Please leave your comments for the contest entry in this post. Blogger is having issues with comments for pages, so you cannot leave a comment on my contest page at this time. Thank you!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Fashion Diaries

I had been planning on starting a spring "collection", and so far I have gotten a pair of shorts 85% finished and that's about it. I have been working on custom orders for a client as well as my ebay store which is daily upkeep. I really want to get away from that though and focus on my clothing line. Its slowly coming along.

I went to the mall today, and yes I guiltily bought a few new things. I suppose a girl deserves a few new things once in a while :) I also love to get inspiration. I went into Macys and there was a huge Lagerfeld for Impulse display at the front entrance. Seems like all the designers and stores want to do collaborations now. When will they really realize that people, that is REAL people (not the Kim Kardashian type, were talking more the really real housewives types. Not the New Jersey ones either) can't afford any of that designer stuff. We can't even afford it at Macy's prices.

But its ok, still they try. I do admit its tough to be "anti-fashion" when your a "fashion designer". Well you all know me, I'm not anti fashion, just anti-LABEL. Well anyway, I picked up this cute 80s inspired outfit today. Im loving the purple and cobalt blue I was seeing everywhere in stores. I also like that super bold teal (see the shirt hanging there on the wall?) Well I didn't buy that one but I love the color!

I picked up my share of inspiration for the day. And now its back to the drawing board. Time to drum up some ideas for my own collection. And in the meantime Ive been thinking I really should get back into posting my outfit everyday. You know wardrobe_remix on flickr was the beginning of that whole fashion diaries thing right? Just saying.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 80s rock!

I just finished this really cool project for a client. Shes going to an 80s party and requested two NKOTB pieces. I did this really soft and sort of slinky square blouse with a wide neckline. I left the edges raw and serged them with hot pink thread. My idea behind it is sort of teen bop magazine. You remember as a girl you would cut out the pictures of your teen hearthrob and collage them all over the wall? I just love how it came out!

I also did a custom clutch witha brooch made from hand dyed croched lace. I used this florescent pink and black stripe for the lining, and gave it a keyfob strap.

You can find my items in my etsy shop, just click the link at the left. You can email me to request a custom item as well!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

$1 Salvation Army Sale

So I scored big at my local salvation army on friday. It was $1 clothing and half off the rest of the store. The flea market was dead so it still ended up being a great day! I scored some Ferragamo Penny Loafers practically new!

This awesomely 80's Flowered Jean jacket which I may have to keep

And this amazing 60s dress with a super sexy zipper front that is as usual not my size. Drat!

There were a lot of other great finds too. Be sure to check my ebay and etsy shops where I will be listing them for sale.