Friday, October 24, 2008

Another messenger

This one, made for a trade came out better than I had pictured. It was trying to figure out the flap. I wanted to do it in two different fabrics so I tried to alter the original tutorial on craftster.Well I tried to alter it a bit too much and thankfully it still turned out awesome. I wanted a larger bag so that was the first thing I did was increase measurements but somehow its smaller than I wanted it to be. Then I cut the flap off off the original pattern so I could do it in the two fabrics but then when it came time to turning the bag I ran into a world of trouble. In the end I had to place everything inside easch other and iron in the seams and just stitch from the outside. It was a bit of a pain, so I will be revising it again because I love how it turned out with the two flap fabrics.

I used a tarnished vintage button and made a fabric rosette for the front. i thik It is still very simple looking and polished. The fabrics are from Joanns (I know I know) I couldnt resist. They have the AB look to them. (and who can afford those?) Its a whole new line they have out and they sell one yd of fabric in a package with coordinating FQ stacks so you can do little projects. Clever marketing.

I've updated this post on 11/1 to include nicer photos as well as a pic of the matching pouch I made. It clips on with the attached hook. And Im pleased to say my craftster buddy was exremely happy with it, as was I with her goodies!

Todays Treasury Pic

I have decided it would be fun to choose a new treasury to promote (hopefully daily) So heres todays! I hope you like it as much as I do! It was the first I clicked on.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finished Messenger

I finished the messenger bag I started yesterday. It was a custom order from an ebay customer and I am really excited with the results. Im excited to post so these pics arent that great, I'll get new ones up tomorrow. I did it all from scratch, after reading through a few tutorials found online. It wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I underestimate myself. It was my first time doing a messenger and the adjustable strap. I amazingly got it all done in about 3 hours and I didnt have to rip too many seams.

This is my favorite project now so far. Of course each project I finish becomes my favorite! But the customer sent me the fabrics and patches and I never would have though of putting all those on a bag. Now I want one!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unproductive day

I really hate days when I really want to get things done and it seems I just dont. Today was one of those days. I had the car so I went to run errands and nothing was going my way and by the time I got home I was too tired to do a thing in studio. Well Im getting to bed early (yes as I write this its 1;16 am and that would be early for me) But I want to keep at least one thing rolling and that is today is the 4th day in a row I've blogged!! Yipee!! I guess I dont have to blog everyday. Especially with so much on my plate, but I am getting myself in the habit and I guess they say it takes like 21 days to make something a habit so only 17 more days to go! :)

Here is a really easy project that I made last night in less than 10 minutes:

It was an oval placemat, and while most would have thrown it out due to looking a bit aged, I saw the vintage charm of it. (of course) I added a big vintage button and instant clutch! Simply fold in half, then sew up the sides. Dont catch the top part in the seam! You cant see but it is folded over and opens out to make the purse wider at the top. I hope that makes sense. It was hard to get a shot of that.

I also picked up some vintage postcards that I must share with you. They are of New York and have the twin towers on them. I think they are early 90's. I just felt a sense of americana when I found them and bought them all to use on postcrossing. See more in my flickr photostream.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lookee what I made!

Well here it is...the finished top. It took about 5 hours, a lot more than expected but I guess thats ok. I used Simplicity 2933. I love how it came out and it is because it took me so long. There is a reason I dont like working with silkys and this is it. Its so slippery! I repped seams more than once but I am more than satisfied with the end result. The two fabrics go together even better than I imagined! I just love reusing stuff! The downfall....I cut the bottom band a little too short (or Im to fat!) Because its going to be a stretch for it to button around my hips. I really ran out of energy in the home stretch and pushed my self NOT to hurry. I really wanted to get it done to share with you as I am trying to be good about blogging :) So I dont know if I want to tackle ripping it apart and making a new one. I'll think about it though. Also probably because of the same reason the seam on the band is not centered with the side seam but I didnt care much ! :) Everything else about it is gorgeous. You just cant tell from my crappy cameraphone pictures :(

All in all the pattern was really easy to work with and I definitely want to make more of these especially with my cute Raggedy Ann sheets I've been collecting. I should make one for my best friend She loves RA. Ok well until tomorrow or maybe the next day :)


Monday, October 20, 2008

In the works

Today was a pretty long day, I spent it with my kids and so I didnt work in the studio until later in the evening. I really was dragging and just didnt feel motivated, but I pushed myself to get at least something done. Well that and the fact that I went to Joanns today to get zippers only to come home and realize I bought two seperating ones when I actually need one and 2 regular zips. So the custom nag I mentioned last post was yet again put on hold.

So I decided to actually bust out a pattern I bough a few months ago and use these two dresses to make into a top. This is the pattern (excuse my cell pics as my camera is broken) its the yellow blouse. And the two dresses ( again horrible pics). The first dress is a pale yellow and its a shimmer satiny with sort of confetti sprinkles. The second dress I am using for the yoke and the cuffs of the sleeves only as I still like the dress and I'm saving as much as I can to alter.

I plan to shorten the length as well as the sleeves and also gather the sleeves at the shoulders. I think it will come out sort of cowgirl sexy. I may add a tulle underskirt and even some lace to the hem. Stay tuned. I plan to finish the top tomorrow and I hope to get some better pics for you :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Business is good. And Im busy ;)

So I have been really focusing the past three weeks on getting my etsy store advertised every possible free way I can. Mainly because ebay bast [[cough]] tards. Unfairly suspended my account. Well I am just getting to the bottom of that, and I'll save it for another really looong post ;). So back to etsy. Ive been ramping up my work hours although youd never tell, I guess Im just somehow getting more done. It could be partly because Im not taking the time to list vintage on ebay anymore. I figured anyway with the money I was paying them for fees I could use in advertising or supplies for my designs.

So I now have 50 items in my shop and this week alone I have had 5 sales with 2 the week before that. So Id say thats pretty darn good! I have even done some small changes in an effort to improve my shop and have consistency which if you knew me is pretty difficult to do. The first thing I did was make a new avatar for my etsy store. I then decided that to become recognizable across networks I should change it on the 20+ social sites I belong to, that is if I can remember them all. lol

I started a new bag today which is a custom for a trade Im doing with my friend from craftster Amy. I am working on a tutorial for the bag which will be a revised version of this one. My version will have a contrasting flap and the inside pockets will also have coordinating fabrics. I hope it looks ok and she likes it because she is nervous about my fabric choices. But im excited as its a new challenge for me, and if it works out I'll start making some cool designs in my ever popular vintage sheets.

I will do my best to have the tute up in the next few days, and besides I want you to subscribe and come back for more.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Todays project and thrifty finds

So today I finished this dress which is a combining of a 70s shirt and this really really long 80s green glitter sweater dress. Which of course looked like it could only be worn for two occasions christmas or st patricks day. Well I could have made them seperates but that is just too much work now isnt it? Besides it seems to be a trend right now to make these high waisted dresses with vintage shirts as Im seeing them all over craftster. be warned that without a belt this dress is not attractive. My husband hated it. He said it looked like a grandmas dress. Well what does he know? My grandma called and she loves it! hahaha

I think it looks sorta boho and yeah I was worried about the glitter in the sweater but I dont know I think with a brown or earthy belt it will play down the cristmassy ness of it. I just only happen to have a red belt on hand. It started out as this before:

Stay tuned tomorrow (I promise!) for another reconstruct and maybe I'll see if i can do a video sew along or something.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello World

Its been a long time since Ive posted anything here. Ok its not the new year yet but Im trying to get an early jump on the resolving to stop procrastinating thing. Dont count any chickens okay? Just be glad your getting a post after 5 months ;p
So I am back in the studio and getting inspired by all kinds of goodness. Not to mention that mother nature breeds necessity or in this case ebay has jacked me again so I am now selling stricktly through etsy, which means I gotta take it up a notch!

I have been working on perfecting my bag making skills and I have gotten pretty darn good the past few weeks. Moving from more simple bags to things that are more decorated or pieced together. Here are a few items Ive made recently and I promise a tutorial tomorrow! Its 2 am so I just dont have anything left in me right now :)