Monday, October 20, 2008

In the works

Today was a pretty long day, I spent it with my kids and so I didnt work in the studio until later in the evening. I really was dragging and just didnt feel motivated, but I pushed myself to get at least something done. Well that and the fact that I went to Joanns today to get zippers only to come home and realize I bought two seperating ones when I actually need one and 2 regular zips. So the custom nag I mentioned last post was yet again put on hold.

So I decided to actually bust out a pattern I bough a few months ago and use these two dresses to make into a top. This is the pattern (excuse my cell pics as my camera is broken) its the yellow blouse. And the two dresses ( again horrible pics). The first dress is a pale yellow and its a shimmer satiny with sort of confetti sprinkles. The second dress I am using for the yoke and the cuffs of the sleeves only as I still like the dress and I'm saving as much as I can to alter.

I plan to shorten the length as well as the sleeves and also gather the sleeves at the shoulders. I think it will come out sort of cowgirl sexy. I may add a tulle underskirt and even some lace to the hem. Stay tuned. I plan to finish the top tomorrow and I hope to get some better pics for you :)

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