Sunday, March 21, 2010

Google and the blogsphere

So I have google analytics set up for my etsy shop and my blog, but man is it a pain figuring that stuff out. Well its not that bad but I spent at least 10 hours the past two days looking at everything and figuring out how to customize it and Im still not really sure what its telling me. And then theres adsense. I am making money (like 17 dollars the past what yr and a half?) but I cant for the life of me figure out where the clicks are coming from. I have adsense set up only on this blog which according to analytics is getting no traffic, yet feedburner says it is?? Im dumbfounded. I just dont have or maybe want to take the time to even try to figure it out. Between that and posting and designing and selling on ebayu, Im getting exhausted! Self promotion is a bitch, but then again it is a payoff to doin it for someone else and hating my job and making about the same amount of money LOL.

Anyhow back to analytics for a sec, at least my etsy site is getting about 50 hits a day, with a 66% bounce rate though I dont think thats too good, but its almost 50 which cant be half bad. Ha Ha.

And in other news...I ventured to a new fabric store which was pricey of course but I like to go to the smaller ones for the fat quarters because I love to get the designer fabrics but not really buy a lot. Since I am supposed to stay away from shopping retail of course :) And I am wondering where I can find those fabrics in downtown LA? I went for the first time ( I know I've lived here two years isn't that a shame?) and I didnt have much time that day and I quickly realized you cant go there with just a few hrs. You litterally need the whole day. Fabrics at 99cents a yd? WOW! Heaven. So heres a shot of the cute Michael Miller FQ I got and another cute print just to make my chihuahuas a doggie vest.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back in business...

Ah, it feels so good to sit at the sewing machine again...

I had been moving around a lot the last two years and really havnt had too much time for my business. But just recently I got settled in my new house and got back to work. I won a spot in the Pink Parlour Festival fashion show and that came as a huge suprise, seeing as how I'd forgotten I even entered! So when I found out I was left with two and a half weeks to prepare! I pulled it all together somehow (as I usually do! ). I made a bunch of new bags and a few dresses before breaking my upper looper on my serger and feeling like I was going to pull my hair out from stress! :)

I was really excited with a lot of the items I made because I was able to finally use a lot of fabric that I am sick of seeing! Well, not that I dont like it, but its been hanging around in my stash for a while. I also made a banner for the booth which I had been wanting to do for some time and it came out pretty good! Thank god for modern technology. LOL I printed the letters from word and then traced them on the fabric and interfaced the back of them. I then zig zag stitched to the background fabric. Pretty clever! Now that I have all my stuff together, I think its time to do another show. Stay tuned....
Me and my Daughter at the show

And while your here, check out my etsy store with that link to the right ---->

Cuz theres lots of new goodies since I been working so hard and u can also see all the pics of my booth over on flickr. Thats also to the right---> haha