Friday, January 14, 2011

More creativity needed

My creative brain needs more to do. I have been busy the past four days with other things and not much time to take pictures for my 365. I have tried to find ways to be creative since Im just at home or work and too tired to go out and look for some photo creativity.Im just not feeling to much near my house or work that I havn't already shot. But I guess I just need a different perspective. Like this one titled umop ap!sdn. Clever.

Tonight I took a walk and I took a handfull of pics, but this was the one I liked best:

It looks like two people facing each other right? Its just me and my double shadow. And a tree. lol IDK kinda cool right? be sure to check out my 365 set and check back everyday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fake it till you make it!

So I have spent some long awaited time learning photoshop over the past week and I got to tell u Im so addicted now :). I dont know why I never made time for something Ive really wanted to learn. But in anycase, thanks to youtube, and some cool people who put tutorials I have learned how to make fake vintage photos. I've had a lot of fun with this and got a few good results.

This one I took a few years ago in Long Beach. Im so happy with how it turned out.

Here is a side by side with a before and after of one of my edits.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Digital Age

Ok, so its a new year. I havent posted in a while and its high time I did. No more of this lazyness!! :) I am not back to designing yet, but in the meantime I am back to playing with one of my many hobbies-photography. While I no longer have a "digital" camera, I do have my spanking new HTC Evo that sports a whopping 8mp camera. Thats huge for a cell phone. And now Im starting to thing who even needs a point and shoot digital anymore? I used to always have one in my purse, but now I just use my phone. I'll save my pennies for a nice dslr. :)

I've never really used my cameraphone for much other than candids and fun to send a pic mail here and there. I've had an android phone for a while now too and never really played too much with the different apps out there. But I recently discovered a few that have brought my cameraphone experience to new life. One is retro camera and the other is vignette. No need for photoshop anymore, you can take a picture and transform it right on your phone. Then send it to your entire social network. Wow. it never really sinks in how technologically advanced we are. It just gets so easy to take it all for granted. :)

I took the above entitled On A Wire with the retro camera app. I was just out for a walk, looked up and there were all these birds and I just shot it. I started posting to flickr more regularly, (i used to post almost daily) and as if I dont have enough photo groups I have joined several more to show off my new found joy. And you would be suprised just how many groups there are for photos, everything from alphabet to zoo. And Im serious.

One of the biggest challenges I have had over the years is something called 365. I used to think it was all about daily self portraits which I loath to take for some reason. But now there are all kinds of groups for 365, and I have decided that a general daily pic fits more into something I can manage. :) its less stressful for some reason than a self portrait. So I joined Project 365. So far so good. I have a pic a day since Jan 1! So go check out the group photos and be inspired! Start your own 365. It doesnt matter what day you start, as long as you do it 365!