Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Can't stop shopping!

Okay I need to quit before the bank account runs dry. But you know 4 th of July Sales and all....So I hit Jo-anns and here I am supposed to be against consumerism. Theres all this cute scrapbook stuff for only $1 Ok Call me a sell out or a hypocrite go ahead! I couldn't resist. Some of the cuteness I picked up:
( thats just a sample!) I bought more than that. But I was amazed at the value for the $1. Isnt it amazing what we think is a value for $1?? But really have you bought scrapbook supplies?? They aren't $1. A sheet of stickers is sometimes almost $4, I remember when stickers were so much fun to go buy and you could get them off the roll for .10 cents and up. Those days are gone.....

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