Friday, November 5, 2010

Wardrobe Remixx & Todays Treasures

I used to post my outfits to the wardrobe remix goup on flickr, but of course that was when I had a job and had something to dress up for. Now that I work from home I rarely wear any of my huge collection of vintage. But I have resolved that even if just running errands, I shall get dressed "proper", and start posting my outfits again. I was also inspired by Citizen Rosebuds outfit posts cuz she has killer outfits! Heres My outfit of the day

100% Thrifted
Dress by Peppers
Boots: Colin Stuart
Purse: Morris White

So I was all dressed up, wonder where I went? Well the thrift store of course! I got some new fabriics, and scored on some beautiful vintage patterns @39 cents each. I also stopped by Michaels and picked up some speedball inks for my screenprinting adventures. I've started a new company called Hollywood Hottees. I plan to use art from local artists and offer designs on recycled tshirts, as well as new shirts that are made from recycled materials.
See the rest of my thrifty finds in my flickr set

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