Saturday, November 24, 2012

Detachable Collar Crazy

Collars are all the rage again, and they come in so many variations. There's the collar necklace which can be fabric or jewelry. Or the detachable collar which is more of a mock collar, but hey it could technically be jewelry too. There's just soo many choices. And these cute collars are all over the runways and I decided to make a few with some of my vintage fabrics. The first is a huge bib collar that I spent about 10 hours on. I should have tried the template on the dummy first. In the end it seems soo huge! When I was constructing it it seemed perfect....but hey go big or go home! The second was my first attempt at a Peter Pan collar. I found a pattern and tutorial here. It doesn't lay very flat so I need to tweak it a bit. I made it double sided which is not something I've seen. I'm going to put a bunch more together in the next few days. This will help me use up my scraps, well the big pieces anyway. Also check out these patterns for pointy collars and a really holiday looking one here. You can also find a whole page of patterns here at the costumers manifesto.

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