Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doc Browns shirt collar now featured

A while back I picked up this amazing fabric at my super secret fabric supply location in Los Angeles. It was one of those fabrics that was kinda wacky and if u know me, there is nothing usual about anything I do! So I bought this fabric with no clue as to its origins, just thinking it was kinda cool. Then one day were watching Back to the Future 2 and then- "Great Scott!!" It's Doc Brown wearing a shirt made from THE VERY fabric I had bought!!

So my conclusion was that this fabric supply somehow manages to get old stock fabrics that have been used for who knows what!! I had bought some fabric there once that said Disney California hotel on it and I'm sure it had to be leftover decor fabric. Now as to whether this store actually knows what it is they are buying I'm not sure of. I've never been really chatty with the employees. But in any case I have found amazing fabrics there including designer prints for less than $3 a yard. And you won't have to bribe me to tell you that it's called M&L fabrics, located on Knott and Ball in Anaheim. It's no secret really ;)

So anyhow back to the collar...here it is and it looks amazing! I also did a second collar with another cool fabric that, yes came from M&L. I don't know if you can tell, but the print is sort of like looking at those 3d eye prints u know where u have to stare a while to figure out what it is. It's an old race car like a 30s model Mercedes or something similar lol. I think theres a barn in the backdrop too. I have a skirt that's been cut from the same print that maybe I should get around to finishing....it would look cool with a yellow shirt and the collar!

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