Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fresh New Fat Quarter Clutches

I purchased some lovely fat quarters 6 months back and amazingly I am actually using them! I have fabric thats been sitting for years so 6 months is a big improvement! I got the stack of $25 for $25 at of all places Tuesday Morning They are actually designer fabrics, I had no idea they carried that stuff but then again I only went there once about 6 years ago. (are you getting how much I procrastinate)

So I came up with a few fresh new designs (and it wasn't easy). Sometimes I think I'm just making a pouch and that's so easy, but I want it to be new and innovative looking. And then it takes me hours just to create one little pouch that should only take an hour! You know its hard to stand out in a crowd on etsy because there's 71 thousand search results for pouch alone. So here they are and I haven't put them in the shop yet, but tomorrow I promise they'll be there. I really would love your comments!

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