Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine oufit

I picked up this great border print fabric at my favorite place to buy new fabrics. (when I do buy them) Its M & L fabrics in Anahiem, and if your in the area I do suggest a trip there. A lot of the fabrics are old stock and there are some amazing fabrics although you do have to really dig to find them. Anyhow this print is really pretty and I had a dress in mind but instead I made a two piece, cutting very carefully. I only bought three yards. I used two vintage patterns one for the top and another for the skirt. Both very easy and I am really excited with the result. Especially since I forced myself to really finish it before starting any new projects. So many times I get almost done and then need buttons or something to finish and I dont want to say how many unfinished projects are now in my basket.

My next project will be a dress from this pattern. I have some Robert Kaufman fabric I picked up at the same store that I will use. Its the black print with flowers. And I also will be making the same pattern in black for my daughter, who requested "no poofy sleeves dog" , sigh.....

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