Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Be-Lated New Year!

Ok I know Im so baaad at this blog thing. I really want to get it right if it kills me. Well I have been very busy and without internet for a while due to moving again and yeah...soooo

What have I been up too? Well, sooo much. I have a few new bag designs. I had a spot on the valentine showcase that wasnt very sucessful and I was suprised. But sales are slow all around right now. So I just keep sewing, and somehow still shopping :)

I went back home for a visit and found some great vintage clothing and fabrics. A few new patterns too. Brought a ton of stuff home and now my place is even more packed. I rearranged a bit and its ok but Im quickly outgrowing this place.

I have been alley hunting and finding lots of great stuff like this table. Covered in 6 or so layers of paint Im in the process of stripping it. I just cant believe it was thrown out. Its so cute.

I have also been on a rampage since new years as I found out my bike was given away by an ex roommate who figured I left it unclaimed (even though I contacted her numerous times about it). Well it was a sad loss as it was a vintage Schwinn Breeze , nearly un-replaceable at the price I got it for. But today (of all days it was pouring rain) the sky parted and a miracle happened. I found a similar Schwinn Racer (1961) for the same price I (originally) got mine for on cl. and the guy even threw in an extra bike! A Schwinn World Tourist (1982) So I feel closure now in a way but at the same time its bittersweet, like trying to replace your old dog. Its somehow not the same.

Well now I really have a lot of projects to do and so I guess I better stop writing and get working!

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