Friday, January 4, 2008

Itsa Mario!

Itsa Mario!
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I have soo much fabric and its high time I not only made stuff from it, but keep up this darn blog. So I'll just say it now-my new years resolution is to blog!
So I made some really cool bags and a pouch from some nintendo sheets featuring mario and zelda (my favorite!) I am so proud of how cool they came out. They were just simple to make but I think the fabric makes them totally awesome! I am trying to crank out as many as I can because I want to weedle down my fabric stash, as of course I'm always out buying more.

I also made this awesomely cute Rageddy Ann Purse for my best friend. If she actually gets it she'll be lucky! LOL Im getting more confident in my skills and lately I am very happy with all the projects I'm making. I have been taking a little more time to "finish" things. With this purse I am thinking about maybe adding lace or eylet around the top. It is still too plain but cute! Im also debating to have the flap button on the inside vs the outside as it covers up andy's face. What do you think?

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