Friday, January 11, 2008

Snow cat hoodie and Project Runway

Well the two don't really have anything to do with each other except the fact that I'm going to blog about them both. I made this hoodie the other day and for my first attempt it came out good. Its wearable anyway! The first time I put the zipper in (as i have done many times) I forgot to use a separating one. DUH! Well that problem is solved as the next day I found three bags of zippers at the thrift store for about $12 total. I got a lot of zippers and especially the separating ones so it worked out! In the meantime I made a clutch bag from the same fabric and some pleather vinyl. I like how it came out. It was my first time working with this kind of fabric together.

I am really quite proud of myself as I never used to attempt working with certain things as i thought they'd be to difficult. But of course I was younger and not so wise then :) And I didn't have Project Runway to inspire me! Now (I'm at a level) I feel I can make anything no matter how difficult it looks. I find it harder and harder to buy retail now. Even a crappy cheap shirt from F21 becuase even though it may be $10 Im always saying-"I could so make that!"
Ok so now speaking of PR, I missed the last two episodes and last night I saw the Hersheys show. How fun was that!!! I loved almost all the designs, they were really creative. Christian is my fav but I think he chose an easy out. His dress was basic, but the fact that he used all those reeses cups gave it a cool look. I think bar far Ricky's was the best. His model looked like a hersheys kiss! Rami's was awesome too, but after all the mistakes Ricky's made he should've got more props. Well at least that Elisa is off. I dont like any of her designs. I think Sweet Pea may be next. She is really great, but I don't think her experience is enough to make it through the show. I think it will come down to Jilian, Christian and Rami.

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