Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coming soon!

I have been quite busy this year as I moved into an actual working space in January. With IG, and facebook I just never post here anymore. But I'm gearing up for a fresh new idea. Since moving to Santa Barbara, the biggest disappointment is the lack of a fabric store. AT ALL. So for 2 years, I've scraped together what little these overpriced thrift stores get for any type of fabric, and have even resorted to buying new sheets at ross and kmart for some projects. Yes its that bad here. I also make a trek at least once a month to Oxnard Joann or the thrifts there to find supplies.

My studio isn't necessarily a retail space, but I did hope for it to be at some point. Its just I'm so busy sewing and selling the vintage clothing, that I cant seem to find time to keep my head on straight. I have started to get some light foot traffic as I bought a cute little chalkboard sign to place out near the street. And so a few people have come asking about sewing supplies. And dummy me I'm like, "yea there's no fabric stores here" and I say it totally straight faced while they probably look at me like you hoarder! Your standing right in front of half a store full of fabric!! So after the third time it was like "DUH!" after the woman left I was like OMG why didn't I offer to sell her some of my sewing needles? DOUBLE OMG, why the heck am I hoarding all this fabric? I should open a fabric store!!

One of my original ideas was to sell my garments up front of the space, and offer sewing classes in the workspace. I have no clue why it never dawned on me to make it a fabric store, but I'm glad I finally figured it out! So I liquidated ALL my vintage clothing. ~SIGH~  I had a hard time letting go. Of course it will always be in my blood and even today I tried so hard to resist the urge to buy all those amazing dresses I don't usually find at the SB Goodwill. (I did have to get this amazing bird moo moo however. I see its new life as a circle skirt) But, as business goes most successful businessmen have ventures for a while and move onto other more successful ones, and so I hope will be the case for me.

So in the next month I will be officially opening Salvaged Stitch, a Fabric Shoppe with Fashion Redesigned. I will have sewing classes biweekly at first until I see how well I get interest from the community. I'm also planning a whole lot more, so stay tuned. I'm moving the blog and all of my collection over to an actual website from ETSY which is a HUGE step. But its time to step it up! For now you can head over to and save that to your bookmarks. It leads to my etsy shop for now. And don't forget to like me on facebook for daily updates!

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