Monday, September 12, 2011

Spring Fashion Review

Jill Stuart
I have recently discovered that you can watch fashion week live on youtube. Who knew? I obviously dont get out much. LOL I had the chance to catch most of the shows and they replay them so really you dont miss a thing! There are some gorgeous collections out there, and all of it is really inspiring me to get my ass in gear and ramp up my own collection!
I am absolutely in LOVE with this Vivian Tam dress! So MAH-JOR! Throwback to the 60s sort of lounge wear in an oh so modern print. LOVE! Im going to be trying to recreate this asap!
Monique Lhuillier Gowns were all so major that I cant even have a favorite!

It wouldn't be a complete fashion report without a bit of Zoe! She also had yellow and black prints in her line but this orange dress is also AH-MAZING!
The Tracy Reese show was super girly and I loved just about everything! There were great jumpsuits in most of the shows and Im super glad to see those making a huge comeback. Although I love those to death, I've never worn one well since Im so damn short. Well now I can make my own! lol The maxi dress/skirt is also big for spring.
Tracy Reese
I'll close with Betsey Johnson, just love her stuff. Most girls do! I like that her shows are so fun and the models look like real women! I was amazed when I saw this cute short jumper coming down the runway. Because not long ago I sold 10 yards of that EXACT fabric on ebay!! Uh. SO kicking myself. If that jumper glows in the dark then I guarantee you that is the SAME fabric.
I was holding onto that damn fabric for three years and finally decided to sell it and uh...regret??? Say la vie.

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