Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whats more Chic than Shabby?

So I have been spending the last week working my little tail off trying to get my studio together. I also Have been busy listing on ebay and thus the reason for no posts from yours truly! So I have like ten projects in the works because you all know I cant just do one at a time! LOL So lets start with this amazing dresser. Its probably circa 1930's. After stripping it I feel ashamed to paint it. Its got amazing wood veener underneath! And it has wheels! I got it for $10 off craigslist:

Stripping it was much more work than I thought it was going to be. I spent two WHOLE days for the entire process and it was back breaking! But I have the whole process down so on the tutorials page I'll post up how I did it. Heres the after stripping:

This dresser I got free curbside while driving the hood:

I have the second dresser almost done with painting. I decided to use spray paint and Im on my third can so I think for the first dresser I'll go with regular paint. I'll post afters tomorrow.

This set of three (2 mirrors and a picture) I got for about $6 total at the goodwill. They were the only project I have actually finished! LOL In the pic of the 2 small frames, the one on the left is after cleaning with mr clean! I almost could have left them white!

Heres the after, the color looks washed out but its a nice pastel yellow. I think it brings out the flowers in the photo better! The first dresser will be the same color as these, as I am hanging them over it. Do you think thats too matchy? Well I can always move them if so.

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