Friday, March 25, 2011

Treasure Hunter

There are so many new shows popping up on cable now revolving around buying and selling other peoples "junk". Its almost becoming a "trend". Well its nothing new to me at all. I was practically born at the flea market! Look at this photo of me pushing my little brother in the stroller it was taken at the good old Hayward flea market!

Its funny how you see those hippies in the background, they make the picture seem so 70s but its really mid 80's! Yes i got a lot of things from my parents- my love of "junk" collecting (got this from both of them), my love for photography (thanks mom!) and my creativity I have to say is from both my parents. My mom of course took that photo. :

So lately the thrift stores and flea markets near me have been full of treasures. Must be spring cleaning or something. I have been going to goodwill two or three times a week which is more than normal but they had a half off sale for a few weeks and I found more great vintage clothing there in that time than I have the entire time since I moved here! Heres a few beautiful pieces I picked up:

So Lots of people dream about finding some elusive treasure thats worth millions that they can sell and be rich off of, and sure I think about that too. But nothing is more like winning the lottery to me than when you find a $300+ dollar Dooney & Bourke Leather Bag for only $3.50. And it even had the charm and shoulder strap still!Oh but its even better than that because I found not one, but 2! You can see the other on the floorboard in the pic. lol So that one went on ebay and the leather one I consider my birthday gift to myself!

And just two weeks ago at the flea market I hit the sewers lottery! I found this Pfaff Creative sewing machine for a mere $30!! I haggled her down from $40. It didnt have a foot pedal and I had to shell out $90 for that on ebay but it was so worth it! I found out that this is a top of the line machine for the time (late 90's maybe?) and would have been about $4k new. It does like 365 stitches including programmable cross stitch! This has to be hands down the best thing I have ever found! Oh and yes it works incredibly! Stay tuned for more on that ;)

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