Friday, March 25, 2011

Lets get the party started!

Ok so its Friday and I have officially kicked off follow friday! Now if your a tweeter you may already know what #FF is. If not let me elaborate for you. FF is short for follow friday in case you didnt get that part already ;) and it is used to tweet a list of tweeters that you think are worthy of being followed by others. I decided to take that concept over here and use it to gain exposure for my blog. I was also inspired by a fellow blogger but Im sure this linky party is no new idea.

Now why are people hosting these newbie linky parties and just what is all this stuff about? Well for some bloggers it may be just to gain followers but followers alone doesnt really get you anything except well, more followers. The real reason to have someone post a link on thier blog about you is so that google will find it and decide whether its relevant or not to make you more "popular". So thats my short version, but read here if you want the whole skinny. Its worth the read. So thus the linky party was born, most likely from this idea of building backlinks.

My original thought on this FF was to try and somehow incorporate a way to get links to your blog, twitter and maybe facebook fan page all in the one entry but Im not sure yet how to do that. Im just always trying to find more ways of shameless self promotion and also help others in the process. So a few other ways that I will be trying to gain exposure is by hosting a monthly giveaway. I have also started a giveaways page with links to fellow bloggers contests. I also promised to have a tutorial up by the end of the week and I will likely get that up tomorrow.

So head over to the Follow Friday tab at the top, and join the party! Consider having your own party as well. Please comment me if you have ideas or suggestions :)

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