Monday, March 21, 2011

One link leads to another, to another....

So it all started with joining a FQ swap over on Our partners were assigned and I got the lovely fabricfriend. So I went browsing her blog and found a link to this lovely blog, by debbiedoos. She hosts a newbie link party every monday. What a grand idea!! If you read up at all on blogging or just general SEO tactics, you may know that having quality inbound as well as outbound links is a good way to drive traffic and increase ranking. Hey google it cause Im no expert. Or just check out this blog post. I also blogged about that topic here.

All us Etsy sellers are just trying to make a living and get free advertising or links anywhere we can to build our presence online so I really love this idea so much that I am going to start my own Newbie Link party!! I Think I will host mine on fridays to go in line with #FF over at twitter. Because I always like to make things even better than they are :) I was thinking it could not only be a newbie link party, but also a way to promote yourself on twitter too. I mean why not right?

So Im going to go off and set everything up on preparation for fridays party. You be sure to check back in then will ya??

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