Monday, March 21, 2011

The Scrappy Owl Series

I love all the kitchy plushies that are invading Etsy these days. I keep meaning to make a few for myself or as gifts. I did make some two christmases ago but they were really poor attempts. I find that you either can sew clothing really well or make stuffed toys and dolls but not likely both. I dont know why it seems odd to say I have no patience for making plushies. They "seem" easier than say designing a prom dress. I think its the joy that you must get from the type of creation you are making, that makes one choose toys or crafty bits over fashion design.

In any case I do like to attempt these once in a blue moon when my brain needs a break :) So I had a vintage pattern tat really is simply a pillow with appliques to make it look more like an animal. So maybe thats why I got so much joy from making these! :) No little arms or legs or heads to turn inside out and have to stuff and hand sew into a complete body! AHAHA And to think I wanted to be a nurse. LOL

So I made this owl from the pattern and it is more of a folksy style I supppose. The fabrics I used lend to that country kitch feel. I did really like the sleepy eye. I changed the tummy from an oval to a heart.
But after seeing more of a cute style owl on etsy I decided to ergo the pattern and make a whole new owl pattern from scratch. Its loosly based off the original though. I made it a bit pudgier and I changed the eyes which I think are really cool. No one else on etsy has an Owl like mine!! And thats the point right? Oh I think I know where I got the idea for the eyes from. Subconciously I must have been thinking of those old 70s clocks where the eyes go side to side!!!

I really like the end result so I have made a few more and decided to create a series of them.They are all stuffed with shredded fabric scraps, so they are 100 % recycled. Which is why I named them scrappy! They measure 8 x 8 so you could easily make the main body from a FQ.They have cute names and stories to go with them too. You can read about them on my etsy. Just click the picture to go to the store listing. Be sure to let me know what you think!!!


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Thanks for joining my newbie party. And welcome to blogging. See you weekly and if you spray paint this coming Friday is a spray paint party over at my place, come join us.

craftynan said...

hiya i am visiting from debbies newbie party xyour little owls are really cute tfs x i am going to have a look around your blog x maybe iw will see you at mine soon x