Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New things are on the horizon

I have been very hard at work this week. I am a night owl but lately I have been up later than usual. As I write this its past 2 am. {yawn} Well I just cant let you all down anymore. I need to stay on top of things and that includes regular posts to this shamble I call a blog! ;) So heres a sneak peak at what I have in store for you.

You may already have noticed I have added a tutorials and a contests page. YEAH!! I know I've been promising tutes for eons and heres the honest truth. I just get myself so involved in so much stuff that i can barely find time. Plus Im not good at explaining so someone normal can understand what I'm talking about. ahahaha But I have tutorials on the way for sure this week!

I have already posted linkys to a few contests that are really super! I plan to have my own giveaway up this week as well. Im also working on a newbie linky party, an idea I got from debbie doos, but only with a twist. I just have to see if I can get it to work right. Im excited about all these changes! Oh and lets not forget I have been working on some cool new designs, filling custom orders and listing all my vintage on Etsy as I decide to leave ebay for good. But now Im wondering if I need a seperate etsy for my vintage???

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