Sunday, March 6, 2011


So if your a crafter in any way then u realize how sometimes you can be on the border of being considered a hoarder right? Well I have been realizing for about the past year or so how much "stuff" I have and even when I try to get rid of some of it, somehow I keep amassing more. But especially recently I have had a new awareness, as I dont have quite as much money to throw around as I have in the past so when I am out thrift shopping I have caught myself limiting my purchases so I have to say Im proud of myself. if only I can keep it up! :) I just always want to buy any kind of vintage fabrics I find and especially if they are nautical themed, and I actually passed on some sailboat knit the other day at the goodwill!! :0

I think it comes from the overwheming feeling I keep getting (and I had it again tonight) that when I want to make a garment I have to constantly go through all these tubs of fabrics to look for what I want to use. And I even have mostly see through bins now, and they are all labeled and sorted according to fabric type and even color. So organization is the least of my worries. I think maybe I need more space? But who knows. I have so much wonderful fabric and so many great things I want to make and I wonder if I will ever get through it all? Hmmm probably not.

But I really do want to get this little business of mine running smoother and of course profiting better and the last two weeks I have had 7 sales on etsy which is the most sales I have had in that time period ever! And I have had lots of activity as well so I want to keep that going. I have decided to destash a lot of my "stuff". In an effort to make some extra money to buy some new much needed supplies and also because Im just kidding myself that I will get around to ever using that "stuff" anyway. I think I've had most of it well over a year (or three or four lol)

In addition to all that I have dug into my bin of never finished items, most of which require some form of hand sewing which I just loath. Here is one of those items which I changed up a bit and I am most happy with the result!


LoveMakesTheGirl said...

i probably have a relatively small stash, mostly because i don't have a lot of space for my sewing supplies. i also make a mental deal with myself that i cannot buy more fabric until i make something. that way, my output and input is about even.

i can understand the hoarding problem though! i don't like wasting fabric, so i have a bin of fabric scraps! i don't know what i'll do when that fills up :/

i'd love to follow you! i love crafty/sewing blogs :)

Creative Diva said...

Thank you for your comment! Thats so true. I think thats sort of what I've been doing lately. I wish I could get "caught up" with my stash. LOL But a good idea for your scraps is to chop them up real tiny and use them for stuffing in a plushie! Im going to feature that now....