Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is good

Things have been going so well lately. What is in the cosmos that has me so lucky? Is it turning 40 that is bringing a change of outlook and general good karma to me? Idk, but things are going great. My business is doing incredible and my luck is getting better everyday. I've also been crazy busier than ever and its all good because Im focused right now on getting this business slammin busy! So maybe thats all it is-focus. In any case, I love sharing with you all my thrifty finds and the past two weeks have been outrageous! Yesterday at the tues swap meet, I found some beautiful fabrics for only $2 each and they were each over 2 yards or more. Cant beat that. Two of them are an african style print which is not like me to buy that type of print but they are both beautiful.

This large and bold print is made by Sotiba and actually is an african fabric. I love the gold colors, its actually got a metallic shine! Im not sure if I'll keep it or sell but it would make a beautiful dress!

This print is going to become a jumpsuit. I really like it and I think theres about 4 yds so maybe I will have enough for two so I can have one for myself!

These are the other two prints, I'm lovint that hot pink and purple floral! And Im thinking of a jumpsuit again for this VIP print below:

I also found a basket of elastic lace with two hats that i think are mohair. They are super soft! I got it all for $4:

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