Monday, October 4, 2010

Tricks and Treats.....

I have been feverishly working on new stuff for the shop and the upcoming fair I'm doing this month. I am on a roll! I want to keep the momentum going straight into november so I can ramp up for christmas (even though technically Im starting late). And hopefully I can take a small break in Jan. But a very small one! LOL So I have made a few new trick or treat bags and some wallets. I know I promised a tutorial. I will get it up here in a few days. I am working a lot and feeling like Im barely getting anything done! But that's just me. But between all the sewing and then posting to all the social networks and self promoting, this is one tough business! But I love it! So here is two wallets I made tonight, the top one is more rectangle and slightly angled toward the top. After looking at it a light went off and I decided to make it even more angled, and shorten the closure as well as angle that too. It narrows toward the back, and the back pocket is clear plastic. Im just gonna brag this one up because Im so damn excited about how it came out! I'm just calling myself genius and awesomely creative! :) The fabric is a Robert Kaufman print, called Eerie Alley. I just LOVE it! I made the second wallet with the zebra print on the inside and Im glad I came up with that bright idea because it makes the wallet more usable year round vs the orand and purple combo I did in the first one. Although I know I would still use it year round anyway, and Im sure lots of gals would! Its up in my store now, so grab it while you can!

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