Friday, October 22, 2010

Not too shabby!

Im just loving these new pouches I made up yesterday! It feels like they were a lot of work, but I think that's because I did something out of my norm. I normally don't make more than one of the same thing, and I normally don't cut out all the pieces first in sort of a assembly line type of way. But you know, I'm trying to change things up a bit and try new things. I have a show this sat and next, so I want to see the difference in reaction to my booth if people see more like items displayed. After I made these they seemed so plain, and I was super tired but I went ahead and made the little lace pins that are attached to the front. They look so much more enticing now! Don't u agree?? I have a lot of loose ends to get ready for the show tomorrow, so its back to work for me.

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Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

The lace pins are the perfect finishing touch for your pouches! Good luck Saturday ... to both of us!