Friday, October 1, 2010


So my best friends niece is having a baby and so I got the idea to make some baby booties. I found a few free patterns online but none of them looked as cute as the ones I see for sale on etsy. so I pretty much tweaked the free pattern to get the look I wanted. They are so darn cute when they are finished but they are only for the patient at heart! LOL- NOT ME They take a bit of time and tweaking. By the time I was on my third pair I was screaming I'm not gonna make these anymore. But yet they r so damn cute I just gotta make more! lol So the first pair came out ok but they look mismatched. I plan to make some for halloween, and also work on some other baby/kids stuff as well. I cut some flannel for taggie blankets, and I dug through my vintage patterns for some cute dress patterns. But today I need to make some wallets. So off to work I go...

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