Friday, October 24, 2008

Another messenger

This one, made for a trade came out better than I had pictured. It was trying to figure out the flap. I wanted to do it in two different fabrics so I tried to alter the original tutorial on craftster.Well I tried to alter it a bit too much and thankfully it still turned out awesome. I wanted a larger bag so that was the first thing I did was increase measurements but somehow its smaller than I wanted it to be. Then I cut the flap off off the original pattern so I could do it in the two fabrics but then when it came time to turning the bag I ran into a world of trouble. In the end I had to place everything inside easch other and iron in the seams and just stitch from the outside. It was a bit of a pain, so I will be revising it again because I love how it turned out with the two flap fabrics.

I used a tarnished vintage button and made a fabric rosette for the front. i thik It is still very simple looking and polished. The fabrics are from Joanns (I know I know) I couldnt resist. They have the AB look to them. (and who can afford those?) Its a whole new line they have out and they sell one yd of fabric in a package with coordinating FQ stacks so you can do little projects. Clever marketing.

I've updated this post on 11/1 to include nicer photos as well as a pic of the matching pouch I made. It clips on with the attached hook. And Im pleased to say my craftster buddy was exremely happy with it, as was I with her goodies!

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