Thursday, October 16, 2008

Todays project and thrifty finds

So today I finished this dress which is a combining of a 70s shirt and this really really long 80s green glitter sweater dress. Which of course looked like it could only be worn for two occasions christmas or st patricks day. Well I could have made them seperates but that is just too much work now isnt it? Besides it seems to be a trend right now to make these high waisted dresses with vintage shirts as Im seeing them all over craftster. be warned that without a belt this dress is not attractive. My husband hated it. He said it looked like a grandmas dress. Well what does he know? My grandma called and she loves it! hahaha

I think it looks sorta boho and yeah I was worried about the glitter in the sweater but I dont know I think with a brown or earthy belt it will play down the cristmassy ness of it. I just only happen to have a red belt on hand. It started out as this before:

Stay tuned tomorrow (I promise!) for another reconstruct and maybe I'll see if i can do a video sew along or something.

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