Sunday, October 19, 2008

Business is good. And Im busy ;)

So I have been really focusing the past three weeks on getting my etsy store advertised every possible free way I can. Mainly because ebay bast [[cough]] tards. Unfairly suspended my account. Well I am just getting to the bottom of that, and I'll save it for another really looong post ;). So back to etsy. Ive been ramping up my work hours although youd never tell, I guess Im just somehow getting more done. It could be partly because Im not taking the time to list vintage on ebay anymore. I figured anyway with the money I was paying them for fees I could use in advertising or supplies for my designs.

So I now have 50 items in my shop and this week alone I have had 5 sales with 2 the week before that. So Id say thats pretty darn good! I have even done some small changes in an effort to improve my shop and have consistency which if you knew me is pretty difficult to do. The first thing I did was make a new avatar for my etsy store. I then decided that to become recognizable across networks I should change it on the 20+ social sites I belong to, that is if I can remember them all. lol

I started a new bag today which is a custom for a trade Im doing with my friend from craftster Amy. I am working on a tutorial for the bag which will be a revised version of this one. My version will have a contrasting flap and the inside pockets will also have coordinating fabrics. I hope it looks ok and she likes it because she is nervous about my fabric choices. But im excited as its a new challenge for me, and if it works out I'll start making some cool designs in my ever popular vintage sheets.

I will do my best to have the tute up in the next few days, and besides I want you to subscribe and come back for more.


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