Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lookee what I made!

Well here it is...the finished top. It took about 5 hours, a lot more than expected but I guess thats ok. I used Simplicity 2933. I love how it came out and it is because it took me so long. There is a reason I dont like working with silkys and this is it. Its so slippery! I repped seams more than once but I am more than satisfied with the end result. The two fabrics go together even better than I imagined! I just love reusing stuff! The downfall....I cut the bottom band a little too short (or Im to fat!) Because its going to be a stretch for it to button around my hips. I really ran out of energy in the home stretch and pushed my self NOT to hurry. I really wanted to get it done to share with you as I am trying to be good about blogging :) So I dont know if I want to tackle ripping it apart and making a new one. I'll think about it though. Also probably because of the same reason the seam on the band is not centered with the side seam but I didnt care much ! :) Everything else about it is gorgeous. You just cant tell from my crappy cameraphone pictures :(

All in all the pattern was really easy to work with and I definitely want to make more of these especially with my cute Raggedy Ann sheets I've been collecting. I should make one for my best friend She loves RA. Ok well until tomorrow or maybe the next day :)


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Brook said...

oh hey I saw this on craftster... right?