Sunday, November 2, 2008

Odds and ends

Ok so I broke my record of blogging daily. Well I'm just not that perfect okay? :) Plus Ive got tons going on. Just moved again, thats the 5th time in 5 months. But you don't want to know about that! I thought I'd post some things Ive done the past week that Ive been MIA, like for starters here are the four pouches I made to go with the NKOTB messenger that I did. And I'm happy to say that the new owner is thrilled with the results!
I have also started on another project for a local church. I am embroidering 12 vests for a program they have called Well Versed Kids. The kids learn a bible verse and get a patch for each one they memorize. The patches are put on the vest. Its a great idea. The funny thing is I met the woman in charge of it, Debbie at the Wal mart fabric department. She was asking about how to iron the patches on and of course the employee was no help! So I said, well you can use wonder under and we started talking and next thing I know I get an order!

In other news, I also wanted to show off a recent custom that I made for an ebay customer in canada. She loves Donnie of course! I hope she likes it!

Right now Im getting settled in my new place and trying to finish up the vests as I have two more nkotb Jackets to do and then I need to prepare for HandBorn which I am doing on the 29th. Whew! This running your own label stuff is hard work! And to think Im debating a part time job for christmas??? Im just nuts!

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