Saturday, July 28, 2007

More pouchy pouches

Well I haven't posted for two days, I have been sitting at the sewing machine for about that long. I am determined to get a serious sweatshop going. So Wed I took half a day to go to the beach which was overcast and sort of a bummer, but I got some great photos so its all good. I managed to crank out a few pouches when I got home even though they were all for my kids, I think they still count! I made this cool skull one from some leftovers for my rocker daughter

I also made some hello kitty ones for my other daughter, and of course she needed one for her best friend! So that was thursday. I also finished up on almost complete projects and started a new tote from scratch. It has been a royal pain and I spent a good 6 hours already on it. I did that till late thursday and part of today (uh that is fri, because its 2 am on sat as I write this) Then I made this cool pencil case today (Fri)

I listed this on my etsy already, so you should go get it! Thats all for now!

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