Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So busy and I keep putting more on my plate!

I think I should just take a day and breathe. Seems like I can never get enough to do. Recently I finally unpacked all of my stamping and scrapbooking stuff after it sat in boxes off and on almost 4 years. I just move way to much. And the funny thing about it is, that is always the last things I unpack when I move and it seems like as soon as I do, I move again! Lets hope that doesn't happen this time! So I started making some cards and messing around and then looking for ideas on flickr and before you know it I am signed up on swap-bot and I'm participating in all these swaps. I start to feel really good again and remember how much fun they were.
Then I join a swap on craftster, and then I find out about this website postcrossing, whew! It doesnt stop there, I also found a site called 1001 Journals. So now I am signed up at all these sites and my mailbox will be flooded with stuff from around the globe! Brings me back to when I was 9 and had a pen pal. I love it!

So all this swapping, meant I had to go shopping. I hit the thrift and found some cool old books and buttons to make things with and bought some postcards for sending. So I'll be even busier now and Im afraid I wont get back into the sewing studio cause I'm getting hooked on making ATC cards and matchboxes. Like everything else I do it has cycles and in a week or so I should be pretty burnt out so I'll be back at the serger soon I'm sure! until now enjoy my First ATC card, and a look at the cool stuff I found thrifting!

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