Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shabby Industrial Vintage Modern?

So I moved to a new space and its pretty raw inside. Its a subdivision of a business that the owner planned to turn into an apartment but its anything but that. Well thankfully I have creative vision. The space is actually quite large, and the best part is it has a fairly good size seperate kitchen (err I mean soon to be kitchen) and a seperate bath. It has a toilet and shower at least! So The first thing I have done is ripped up about 70% of the old floor tiles because they were all coming up anyway and they were pretty easy to get off. But I still busted my but!

My plan is to rent a concrete grinder and rough up the floors removing the tile glue and hopefully "polish" the concrete. Not a glos polish, but more a lightly rough surface that I can paint maybe? Idk, Im still debating. Because the space kind of lends to the industrial look, Im taking that and running with it. I've always been a pretty eclectic type and i love almost every type of decor from shabby chic, beach cottage, vintage to traditional modern. Well of course # 1 and #2 on my list would be shabby chic and vintage. So there you have it~shabby industrial vintage modern.

How to pull this off.....Its going to take time and searching. I of course like to pay next to nothing for everything and the price of $0 is even more appealing. Im always searching craigslist or driving a bit out of my way through the nieghborhoods to see what people have thrown out. I just found two boxes of kitchen stuff the other day! Oh yeah and I got a cool Vintage wood desk chair. I found some pics online and im thinking I want to do one wall like this :

I do like blue but for some reason Im thinking a green or yellow. My daughter votes yellow too. But I think the green like an olive or minty aqua would be better. My windows are really high and not that big but i do get lots of light in there and I want to keep it bright. Speaking of light, I'm loving these mason jar lights that are real popular right now:

BootsNGus and Lampgoods on Etsy

Im also really loving these old 70s plastic mirrors that I used to think were hideous. And my grandma had some I remember vividly and there were matching butterflies too. Maybe it was because they were brown. But now Im searching high and low for these! I picked up a set of three frames like these a week ago so I cant wait to transform them!

justmeniki3 on Etsy

I plan to keep you updated on the decorating as it comes along. Its giving me something else to blog about! And I havnt even mentioned the yard yet! :) When its all done It will be really awesome!

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