Thursday, April 12, 2007

Module 7: Redesign, Restore, or Recycle (Optional)

In a google search for re-designed clothing, the first link at the top of the page led me to the following course outline offered by the Saskatchewan Education department. I guess its a college in Canada from what I could tell. I found it interesting to know that this is finally catching on as popular. (Who knows maybe they teach this in design school?) And they also address the environmental standpoint. Read the full text here.

Suggested time: 5 - 10 hours
Prerequisite: Modules 1 and 2

Level: Introductory

Foundational Objectives

  • To understand, develop, and apply the major concepts related to clothing construction.
  • To provide a broad foundation of clothing design fundamentals and apply the fundamentals to projects to meet individual needs.
  • To increase an awareness of the economic and environment influence on clothing decisions.
  • To explore and practise the fashion design process.

Common Essential Learning Objectives

  • To demonstrate redesigning, restoring, or recycling of clothing or a textile item. (CCT, TL)
  • To redesign and update garments to fit your wardrobe needs. (NUM)
  • To recycle clothing and textile items through repair, customizing, redesign, or surface embellishment. ( NUM, IL)

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