Monday, April 9, 2007

What do you put in the first post?

For starters, how about I tell you what this blog is and why you should check it out. its all about recycling and reuse. Mostly for textiles but I do see lots of creative uses out there for most anything discarded. So I plan to bring you information on products, and projects- and the people who make them with reclaimed materials. Also any news and the like associated with the topic.

I am a designer who uses recycled clothing and textiles to create new garments. I either alter them making them more stylish or completely deconstruct and re-construct them into something "new". Through this business my goal is to bring awareness to the effects of consumerism to our economy and more importantly our eco-consiousness. For even more info which is so awesomely put by someone dedicated to the cause read here

Also look for projects and ideas for things you can make yourself and things I am working on currently.

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