Monday, June 27, 2011

Shooting Blanks

So I got my first roll of film back from my Holga and to my disappointment it was blank!! I have the feeling the film wasn't advancing at all so it never even got exposed. Oh well say la vie. I also had some problems with my Diana, the film didn't roll tight enough on the take up when so i may have ruined that roll too. Well thankfully I'm not up to using 8-10 rolls of film yet so Im giving it another try.

I also attempted to load a 126 cartridge with 35mm film using this video tutorial. So I think I managed to get it right and I have loaded it into my camera. I probably will only get 15 shots as the whole roll of 24 didn't , and I wasted a few shots because the film didnt seem to be winding right. I ended up switching the cartridge to a different camera because the winder got stuck on the one I was using. Not having much beginners luck am I? Well once I get some pictures off a roll of film I'll be sure to share the results :)!

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