Saturday, June 18, 2011

Isn't she gorgeous?

Here she first Holga. In her splended all white plastic-ness. This is the 135bc, so it takes 35mm film. I shot my first two photos today and I dont know how Im ever gonna make it through 22 more shots without having a convulsion. Im so excited to see what comes out of this little baby.

I luckily picked her up off of craigslist in pristine condition for only $20. Amazing that it cost double that new. It weighs practically nothing, even with film in it. It was a funny feeling going out to shoot today, unlike using my digital of course I was far more selective on what I shot. Hence only 2 shots today. Now you know why I might have a convulsion :) It might take a while to get through my first roll.

I think I was already addicted to this pretty wonder even before I got her. Im already willing to blow every last penny to buy all kinds of accessories for it, and those ain't a pretty penny either! Oh har har I made a joke. But until then here is some really cool mods you can do to the Holga for no cost! This was a cool find on the lomography website. Im already itching to try them!

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