Saturday, June 25, 2011

Capturing time

Photography has long been something (among many things) that I have wanted to get into as a "hobby". My new Diana arrived a few days ago and I am most excited about her, and you would think Im nuts if I told you really just HOW excited! Its the first time I've used 120 film so its going to be fun! I loaded a roll of B&W since I have color in my Holga right now. I took both of my cameras to Santa Monica Pier today and I still didnt manage to finish a roll of film! I must be to picky, afraid to "waste" a shot. LOL

I think I got some good photos, at least I hope so. If they come out! Its definitely a learning process working with film, and even more so with these lo-fi cameras. Because everything you do depends on the old fashion way of photography. You know since the camera is completely manual you have to account for lighting, shutter speeds, exposure times, film iso oh my brain!

Well I try not to think too hard and just have fun with it. I started to try and write down what settings I used for each pic, but oh thats just to time consuming and boring for me. I like the random unpredictability of it all. The hardest thing I think to remember is- did i wind the film after that last shot?

This shot was taken with my cameraphone, using the vignette app on double exposure and toy camera. Now those are the kind of shots I hope to get with my analogs! I am so proud of how that shot came out! I love the ghostly couple in the foreground, they are looking right at me!

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