Friday, October 22, 2010

No power tools needed

So I have this thing for memo boards. I have like 5 of them and always want to buy them at the thrift or yard sales. Two of them were stained and the ribbon on one was falling off. With a few craft shows coming up and the need to find new ways to display my stuff, I decided it was time to make over these bad boys. So, I took a trip to osh to buy staples for my probably only used once staple gun, some little hinges and a strip of base trim.

I recovered the boards in a beautiful floral home decor fabric that has teflon. I guess its waterproof, IDk but its slick like u could use it for a rain coat. Anyway, I love it cause it looks Shabby Chic. I used some vintage buttons too!

So now your wondering what the heck baseboard trim and hinges have to do with anything right? Well, leave it to a genius (like me) to rig up a sort of picture frame type stand for the back, and presto! Instant display board. (ok so its not that sturdy but it works) Go ahead be totally amazed. And its ok to leave me a comment and tell me I'm totally awesome too.

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